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POTS Testing List
« on: July 26, 2015, 11:22:59 PM »
Here is a list of some of the testing that is done for POTS

Tilt table test (Longer than 10 minutes)

Autonomic function tests (With brief tilt up to 10 minutes)
Valsava (Blowing against Resistance) And finger BP

ANSAR Autonomic testing

ECG/EKG. (Electrocardiogram)


Blood volume testing (Red cell mass test /plasma volume test)

QSART. Electrode sweat test
Quantitative sudomotor. Autonomic reflex test

TST- Thermoregulatory sweat test,

Powdered sweat test

IENDF Intra-epidermal Nerve fibre density

Or a sweat gland nerve fibre density test
(That is skin biopsies looking for small fibre nerve damage.)

Lying and upright norepinephrine (noradrenaline) blood test

24-hour urine collection

And - I imagine - a fluid balance chart over a couple of weeks might be relevant.

48 hour Holter monitor testing

And random oxygen saturation measurements?
 You can buy small pulse oximetry online for about $20 on eBay and similar sites.)

Most of this list has been exerpted with thanks from Vanderbilt University POTS  study by Dr
Satish Raj and colleagues.

We are all extremely grateful to Dr Raj and his colleagues for their dedication and wonderful work in this field over many years. 

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Re: POTS Testing List
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Here is a link to some good Fb  groups for anyone to wanting to learn more, discuss symptoms and treatments etc.,18.0.html