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Headaches/Light Sensitivity: Irlen Syndrome
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Irlen syndrome

Change background color to see how color can help you

The Irlen Syndrome Foundation

Who We Help

Reading Problems
Light Sensitivity
Brain Injury
Military and Veterans
Medical Conditions

What is Irlen Syndrome?


This problem can manifest itself differently for each individual.


Light Sensitivity
Reading Problems
Headaches and Migraines
Attention and Concentration Problems
Strain and Fatigue
Problems with Depth Perception
Print or Environmental Distortions

Irlen Syndrome (also referred to at times as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, and Visual Stress) is a perceptual processing disorder. It is not an optical problem. It is a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information.



The Irlen Method is supported by over 35 years of research spanning the fields of education, psychology, optometry, medicine, and neuroscience.



Color Is In! Explaining Irlen Syndrome to Kids

parent toolkit &
educator toolkit

Irlen Introduction





Find an Irlen Testing Center

This website contains a list of certified specialists located in the USA, Canada, South and Central America, Asia, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

Irlen Website Links


The Irlen Method in the Education System and Government Support  There are presently over 7,000 educators trained as Irlen screeners, many of whom work within school districts in the United States and over seas. Over 100,000 adults and children wear Irlen Filters and millions of individuals are using Irlen Colored Overlays. Massachusetts and Oregon have bills pending to require screening for Irlen Syndrome in all schools in these states. Alabama has recognized Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity as a learning disability and all recommendations including the use of Colored Filters must be allowed. The Medical Research Council at Cambridge University, Visual Perception Unit of Essex University in England, University Laboratory of Physiology at Oxford University, and Newcastle University in Australia have extensively researched and published studies on colored overlays and Colored Filters.
Agencies Officially Recognizing the Irlen Method

The following are a sampling of agencies which have officially recognized the Irlen Method: Recording for the Blind, SAT, ACT, LSAT, Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services, Indiana Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Michigan Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Texas Commission for the Blind, Nevada Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and Wisconsin Vocational Rehabilitation.

In Australia, the following are a sampling of agencies which have officially recognized the Irlen Method: Department of Employment, Education & Training, Departments of Army, Navy and Air Force, Board of Studies-NSW, Board of Secondary Education-WA, Department of Children’s Services-WA, Commonwealth Employment Service (CES), Department of Rehabilitation, and Technical and Further Education (TAFE).
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Re: Headaches/Light Sensitivity: Irlen Syndrome
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Headaches, Migraines, Other Physical Symptoms

Discomfort in sunlight
Discomfort in bright lights or fluorescent lights
Prefer dim lighting
Bothered by headlights at night
Bothered by glare
Discomfort with computer use
Stress or strain with sustained reading
Stress or strain from visually-intensive activities
Difficulty looking at stripes or patterns
Certain colors are bright and bothersome
Snow, rain, and hazy days can appear to be glary

Headache and migraine research


Light Sensitivity, Fluorescent Lights

The problem seems to be an inability for the brain to adjust to various levels of brightness. It is as if the brain was a radio and the volume control was broken so that it could not make adjustments to control loudness.

Irlen Spectral Filters are able to filter out the offending wave lengths of light which create the stress, thus allowing the brain to be able to make the normal adjustments for various lighting conditions, glare, and brightness.


Reading Problems, Dyslexia, Learning Difficulties

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Re: Headaches/Light Sensitivity: Irlen Syndrome
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Pages to follow:

Irlen Syndrome Foundation

 Irlen International

AAIC Australasian Association of Irlen Consultants

Efficient Brain

Irlen Diagnostic Clinic Newcastle

Irlen Channel Islands

Irlen Central for Help



 Irlen Awareness Week
Closed Group

Irlen Syndrome support- Reading By Colour Charity
Closed Group

Irlen Support Group Channel Islands
Closed Group

A forum for supporting those with Irlen Syndrome and related issues.



Looking at Irlen syndrome through a different lens,amp.html

What Is Irlen Syndrome? What Are the Symptoms? by Lauren Brukner, MS, OTR/L


Irlen Syndrome difficult to diagnose

By Dr Sajad Al-Abdali



Visual stress could be a symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, research suggests University of Leicester research team discovers vision-related abnormalities that could help in diagnosis of illness UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER
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Re: Headaches/Light Sensitivity: Irlen Syndrome
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Irlen Self Tests

Short Test

Take this 14-item test to quickly determine whether Irlen Syndrome is the cause of your reading difficulties.


Long Test

Take this in-depth test to see how Irlen Syndrome impacts your life. Assesses over 25 areas of functioning.


Headache Test

Take this test to see whether Irlen Syndrome is the cause of your headaches and/or migraines.


Light Sensitivity Test

Take this test to see how light sensitive you are and whether the Irlen Method can help.


Autism Test

Take this test to see if the Irlen Method can help with your visual perception and sensory overload.


Color Light Activity

Complete this activity if your autistic child is six years or younger or has limited language skills.