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Silver Ring Splints information
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********Great video on the 3D Stable MCP Thumb splint********

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Silver Ring Splints

cheyenne love (YouTube)

Published on Mar 14, 2014

"I hope that this video will help you understand what silver ring splints are, how they are used, how you go about getting them, how they are fitted, and how you clean them. This was all so overwhelming to me when I was first looking in to them, I could hardly find any information on them so I was very nervous. I really hope that this will give you a better idea of what to expect if you are looking in to silver ring splints."


About the 3D Model Thumb Splint:

*3D thumb splint can be found on the flyer on the right hand side of the following page

SIRIS™ Stable Thumb Splint with PVX & Bracelet

"Flyer showing the 3 different models we offer"

direct link to flyer:


The 3D splint can be ordered without the distal spiral if it's not needed or you require a separate splint for your thumb IP joint.

There is a *spoon shaped*  PVX support alternative that can replace the standard  U-shaped PVX for increased comfort.

 **(Spoon shaped PVX support not currently advertised on the website but seen and discussed in the chronic pain partners webinar “Anatomy and SilverRing™ Splints for Ehlers-Danlos Hands"



“Anatomy and SilverRing™ Splints for Ehlers-Danlos Hands”   

Chronic Pain Partners Free Webinar:

PRESENTERS: Jesse Garris (Silver Ring Splint Company, General Manager) & Karen Foulks, OTR/CHT

About 1 hour into the webinar, Jesse begins discussing the ring splints and how to choose splints based on your needs.

There is a slide show presentation for download but it does not cover the detail heard in the audio recording.

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SIRIS™ SPLINTS and Insurance Coverage
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A: Some insurance companies and insurance programs such as medicare have covered SIRIS™ splints in the past. Coverage is dependent on variables such as the type of insurance policy and the medical necessity of the splint. Typically a facility or patient orders the splints and submits the invoice to insurance to be reimbursed. -


A: One of the most common questions we get: “will insurance companies cover our splints and what codes do I use”.  Yes, insurance companies do cover our splints but it depends on many variables.  We have seen 100% coverage, partial and no coverage.  We do not bill insurances so the first step is to contact the provider and check what process needs to be followed to get the splints covered.  The provider may be willing to reimburse the patient or splints may need to be ordered through an orthotics company/durable medical equipment supplier (DME).

During the process you may get a question about what “L” codes or “HCPCS” codes to use for SIRIS™ splints.  Most people use the static finger splint codes.  The following codes can be a good starting point in the discussion with the provider.  These codes do not guarantee coverage or payment and do not replace the medical providers billing expertise.  It is your responsibility to bill within the appropriate billing codes for the services and or products provided.  Based on feedback from individuals, our best advice is: Do not give up easily.

The “click here” link, at the end of each line, takes you to a page for an exact definition and allows you to search by state to check “Fee Schedules”.

Prefabricated Orthosis:

“L3927” –  Prefabricated finger orthosis (click here)
“L3923” –  Prefabricated hand finger orthosis (click here) https://

Custom Orthosis:

“L3933” –  Custom fabricated finger orthosis (click here)
“L3913” –  Custom fabricated hand finger orthosis

**Note: we have seen this code used for thumb splints** (click here)

“L3808” –  Custom fabricated wrist hand finger orthosis

**Note: we have seen this code used for thumb splints** (click here)


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Re: Silver Ring Splints
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******getting insurance to pay for silver ring splints *****

Silver Ring Splints

Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
One woman's journey through life with invisible illnesses

SEPTEMBER 10, 2009

"As for the insurance questions, I wanted to post info on how I got my insurance company (the one I had at the time) to cover the cost of the splints.

There are two things you will battle when trying this.

First, the companies that make silver rings splints don't deal with insurance.

They won't take it, won't try to work with you. They simply don't accept insurance.

Secondly, the ring splints are not typically covered by insurance companies anyway.

You have to prove to your insurance company that you absolutely need the ring splints and that you have exhausted all other resources first."

Finding an 'orthotics and prosthetics company' to be the 'middle-man.' This is where things get tricky - but also the part that saves you the money. You have to do research. This will take time and effort on your part. You have to locate a company that works with (or is willing to work with) the silver ring splint company and your insurance company.

NOTE: you must find a company that works with your insurance. To get a listing of possible companies, contact your insurance and ask them for the names and numbers of providers in your coverage plan for Orthotics and Prosthetics.

The Silver Ring Splint Company will bill your O&P. Your O&P will bill your insurance. Your insurance will pay your O&P. Your O&P will pay Silver Ring Splint Company.

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Re: Silver Ring Splints
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Some feel that ring splints need to be  custom made to fit your fingers.
If they don't fit your fingers then they won't work for you.
(You can't just buy them without getting measurements.)

Some sites  that sell them: (NB We have no commercial interest in listing theses sites here and have not bought form these sites so.....caveat emptor.)


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Other companies that sell silver ring splints
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EDS Ring Splints


Digii Splint


Ring Splints by Zomolie

(Available in the UK and Ireland)
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