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Useful Facebook Groups to Join
« on: September 04, 2015, 02:42:45 AM »
Good Facebook Groups to Join


Here are some good facebook groups to join for discussion and to ask questions and meet others with chronic illnesses who are looking into for information resources and answers.

Some good Facebook groups to join to learn more about POTS, Fibromyalgia, ME/cfs, chronic fatigue syndrome, EDS, MCAD and Chiari One Malformation etc

POT/ME/CFS/FM/EDS/MCAD etc articles and info

Ehlers-Danlos ILLUSTRATED EDS/POTS/MCAD Support Worldwide

KIDS with POTS/CFS/EDS/MCAD/Celiac/ tethered cord spina bifida etc

 A group for  education and support for parents and carers of children affected by these conditions

POTS &ME/CFS/Fibro/EDS/MCAD Australia and NZ

If you have muscle or joint stiffness as well or instead of hypermobility there is this group
Stiff Zebras

Celiac/Coeliac disease study group

IV Intravenous access, PORTS and PICCS for POTS, EDS, ME/cfs and FM

Upright MRI Open MRI worldwide locations

AND To find informed, aware and supportive DOCTORS near you

Good North American doctors for

Good Australian Doctors for....

Good European Doctors (Including Britain and Ireland) for ME/cfs /FM/EDS/POTS/CHIARI/MCAD/Hashi's/RA

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