Author Topic: Robert De Nero Ehlers-Danlos syndrome ?  (Read 1001 times)

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Robert De Nero Ehlers-Danlos syndrome ?
« on: June 06, 2016, 01:25:56 AM »
Taxi driver was Filmed in 1976 De Nero  was aged 33 but he plays a 26 your old.

His face looks easily young enough to pass.

His hands by contrast look much older and have very protuberant veins, As do his forearms.

He seems to have dental crowding.

He appears to have a kyphosis and possibly a pectus  excavatum.

He may also have some excema on his hands

In the famous "are you talking to me" scene There is a red mark down the length of the left-hand side of his neck that is the kind of thing you get when you have MCAD. Allergic reaction Or possibly eczema. 

Check out a very hypermobile  Jodie Foster in the same movie.

You can see her legs hyperextending like bananas bending forward. Ouch
In the scene towards the end where she is leaning against the taxi Waiting for customers.

Pictures of both the celebrities in the group celebrities with invisible illness.

Celebrities with Invisible Illnesses