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Directory of POTS doctors around the world
« on: August 15, 2016, 11:04:35 PM »
Some of the more prominent doctor who diagnose and treat POTS around the world. It is not exhaustive.

In London Dr Alan Hakim  is repeated to be excellent

USA/CANADA Dr Satish Raj is  excellent  - at  Vanderbilt University and University of Calgary I believe

 Dr Blair Grubb in USA

Dr Peter Rowe

 Will add more as they come to mind but you might also check in the peer-reviewed medical literature for the authors of medical papers on POTS etc  find the experts in the field   

 In Melbourne, Australia there is
Professor  Chris O'callaghan Austin hospital in Heidelberg low Blood pressure  clinic
 That is fully bulk billed on Medicare if you get a GP referral
Or you can see him privately

also Dr Gautam Vaddadi who is also reputed to be excellent.
Dr Vaddadi  only sees patients privately now I believe

You can check the files and make requests in the following groups for good doctors to treat POTS and other related illnesses near you.

Good North American doctors for

Good Australian Doctors for....

Good European Doctors (Including Britain and Ireland) for ME/cfs /FM/EDS/POTS/CHIARI/MCAD/Hashi's/RA

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